(Some Of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts

by Livids

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released March 29, 2013

Music by cLIVIDS
Lyrics by c2012 Eric Davidson

Oops Baby Records



all rights reserved


Livids Brooklyn, New York

Eric Davidson-Vox
Daniel Kelley-Guitar
Jami Wolf-Guitar
Joi Liquor-Bass
Greg Collins-Drums

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Track Name: (Some Of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts
(Some of Us Have) Adenalized Hearts

I got a way, I got a sway,
I got a feeling I ain’t goin’ away.
I gotta slay,
I gotta wail.
I don’t know what else to do.

I think fast,
out of the past.
They keep saying it’ll never last.
“You’ll get tired,
you’ll get mired.”
But I ain’t done just yet.

The truth is it’s all a lie.
The fact is you can’t deny –
Some of us have adrenalized hearts.

c2012 Eric Davidson
Track Name: Nerve Wrecked

Yeah I can’t stay awake
and I can’t fall asleep.
I get to screaming hard,
but I don’t make a peep.
Yeah I can’t get away
for running in place.
Yeah I can’t get a break
cuz I am down …
I am nerve-wrecked!
Yeah my canon’s loose
and rolling down a hill.
My slingshot is cocked,
but loaded with nil.
Even my boring nights
are kinda like a thrill.
But I can’t get a break
cuz I am down…
I am nerve-wrecked!
c2012 Eric Davidson
Track Name: Ms. Bluff
Gotta get my kicks at the water line,
Gotta get my kicks ‘fore I lose my… mind!

My my my…
Don’t believe in ghosts, but I believe in dying.
You only live once, and you know I’m trying.
So it’s go, go, go, go!

She called me to the bluff while the sun was up,
I left her at the bluff, cuz I had enough.
I called that bluff again, it was stupid stuff.
This shit it never ever changes!

c2012 Eric Davidson
Track Name: Theme From Livids
We can’t calm it cuz we got it bad
We can’t lose it cuz we never had
You being happy makes us sad.
We don’t suffer fuckin fools.
That ain’t sweat, its fuckin drool.
Our moms think we’re fuckin cool.
c2012 Eric Davidson